Vat Pu is situated in the Trang District, about 15 miles to the north-west of Chaodoc. The inscription is engraved on a sandstone stelae. It contains 42 lines of writing, 14 lines in Sanskrit and the rest in Khmer.

The Sanskrit portion contains five Anushtubh verses and followed by one in Shardulavikridita. It refers to the king Isanavarman and records the erection of an image and a linga of Siva-Vishnu, and gift of an ashrama together with slaves, cows and lands dedicated to Bhagavat, by ascetic Isanadutta.

The Khmer text continues the Sanskrit one and gives details of the slaves and lands referred above. Names of 11 male and 20 female slaves are recorded and the number of their children is indicated by figures. Then follows the names of persons who contributed to the purchase of lands, the boundaries of different plots of lands.

जयतो जगतां भूत्यै कृतसन्धी हराच्युतौ।
पार्वतीश्रीपतित्वेन भिन्नमूर्तिधरावपि॥१॥

May Siva and Vishnu together be victorious for the prosperity of the world, though their forms may be different, as consorts of Parvati and Lakshmi.

ख्यातवीर्यविशेषेण शेषेणेव महीभृता।
रत्नोज्ज्वातभोगेन जितं श्रीशानवर्मणा॥२॥

The earth, supported by Sesha, whose hoods are brilliant with shining gems, has been conquered by Sri Isanavarman, by his renowned valour. 

यः प्रतीततपःशीलवृत्तश्रुतपरो मुनिः।
ईशानदत्त इत्याख्याखातः ख्यातकुलोद्गतः॥३॥

There was a sage called Isanadatta, of reputed lineage, well known for his austerity, conduct and high learning.

एकसंस्थासुकृतये यो गुरूणामतिष्ठिपत्॥४॥

He established this idol, depicting half-form of Siva and half-form of Vishnu for deriving the benefit of worship of both together.

विष्णुचण्डेश्वरेशानाङ्गं तेन प्रतिष्ठितम्।
एकभोगनिबद्धास्तु तत्पूजेत्यस्य निश्चयः॥५॥

He established the Linga of Vishnu and Chandeswara, thus ensuring that the devotees would worship them together.

दासक्षेत्रगवादिकं भगवते दत्तं धनं यज्वना
तृष्णाकम्पितमानसः खलजनो यः संहरत्युद्धतः।
नानादुःखसमन्वितेषु नरकेष्वक्षीणपापात्मकः
तिष्ठत्वेव सकोपजिह्मितमुखैरभ्याहतः किङ्करैः॥६॥

The sage also donated slaves, land, cows and wealth to the Lord. (This wealth was obtained by him from) the possession of evil persons, who, with minds overcome with avarice, took away the wealth from the warfront and fell later into hells of manifold misery, where those great sinners were assaulted by Yama kinkaras, with faces contorted with fury.


Translated by P.R.Kannan, Navi Mumbai

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