The original findspot for this inscription is unknown. It was kept in Phnom Penh whence in 1901 it was removed to ‘Musee de la Ecole’.

The inscription contains three Sanskrit verses. The metre in verses 1&3 is AnuStubh and in verse 2 is Upajati. It records the installation, in the year 561 Saka (630 AD) of an image of the goddess called Chaturbhuja, presumably by King Bhavavarman who is named in the first verse, out of devotion to Shiva and for the salvation of his parents.

The inscription is historically important as it proves the existence of a second king named Bhavavarman ruling in 561 Saka.

अस्ति मन्वादिभूपालवर्णमुष्टिर्यशोनिधिः।
राजा श्रीभववर्मेति तपसा धारणाद्वितिः॥१॥

मुखर्तुवाणैर्गणिते शकाब्दे
झषोदये कन्यगतार्धचन्द्रे।
पुष्यस्य कृष्णे दिवसो दशार्धे
प्रतिष्ठितं देवी चतुर्भुजाख्यम्॥२॥

भक्त्या भगवतश्शम्भोर्मातापित्रोर्विमुक्तये।
देवी यथार्थचरितैस्स्थापितं यमिना भुवि॥३॥

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