Ban Deume is in the province of Stung Treng in Laos.

The inscription is written in Sanskrit in characters of seventh century AD.  It contained four shlokas but only the last one is legible.

It records the construction of a temple of Siva and also a Bhakta Shala and a stone work, the exact nature of which is unintelligible. Accoring to Wilson’s Sanskrit Dictionary, bhakta-sala may mean either a food-hall (or store-room or kitechen) or an audience – chamber

Krsanu means fire and may hear refer to fire-god, and the last two constructions may be meant for him.

चण्डेश्वरस्य भवनं कॄशानोरिष्टकामयम्।
भक्तशालं कृतं तेन शिलाबन्धनमायतम्॥१॥

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