The inscription is engraved on two sides of the a stele. On the first face there are four lines in Khmer, hardly legible, followed by five lines and a half in Sanskrit. The last half of the last line is written in Khmer. The Sanskrit portion is entirely written in verse and consists of four Anushtubhs.

The inscription records the donation of slaves by king Harshavarman, son of Yashovarman to a temple of Shiva called by the name Adrivyadhapuresha. The last line in Khmer contains a date which has been read as 834 Saka, but the firstfigureis doubtful. There is nothing to show, however, that this date refers to the object contained in the Sanskrit inscription. The inscription on the second face of stele, written entirely in Khmer, is very fragmentary, and probably belongs to a later period.


नमद्ध्वं धूर्जटेरङ्घ्रिपङ्कजस्य रजोलवः।

आसीद्राजाधिराजो यस्तेजोवन्दित……।
भूभृतामुत्तमाङ्गेषु ……पाद…..॥२॥

नाम्ना श्रीहर्षवर्मा सश्श्रीयशोवर्मपुत्रकः।
श्रियाभिनवयाजुष्टः श्रीनिवास इवाबभौ॥३॥

कम्बुजेन्द्राधिराजोऽसौ जगद्गीतगुणाम्बुधिः।
अद्रिव्याधपुरेशेऽदात् षट् कान्ताः प्रतिपक्षकम्॥४॥

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