Vihar Thom is in the province of Kompong Siem. The inscription is engraved on a figure of a trident carved in bold relief on a piece of stone. There are two cavities beneath the figure of a vase which holds the trident.
The inscription contains shlokas written in early characters.
इह लिङ्गप्रतिष्ठातुर्भोजस्याशीतिवर्षिणः।
त्रिशूलमुले निहिताः दंष्ट्रास्ता या मुखच्युताः॥१॥
The teeth fallen from the mouth of the octogenarian Bhoja, the founder of Linga have been deposited here at the base of the trident.
Evidently the teeth were placed in the two cavities referred to above which are however empty. The inscription however testifies to a peculiar custom of preserving the teeth of an old man.

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