Thma Kre is the name of the village on the Mekong river between Sambor and Kraceh. This inscription is engraved on a rock on the bank of the river. It contains, in 4 lines, a single verse of AnuShtubh metre and records the erection of a Sivalinga by Chitrasena. There are two replications of this inscription, one at Crouy Amphil, to the south of Veal Kantel and another at Tham Pet Thong in the Rajaxima District of Siem.

भक्त्या भगवतः शम्भोः मातापित्रोरनुज्ञया।
स्थापितश्चित्रसेनेनाङ्गं जयति शाम्भवम्॥

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